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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Night Market

One end of the Inner Harbor Causeway extends out onto Ship Point Pier. On summer evenings at the Night Market many artisans and crafts people display their creations: some splendid jewelry, exotic masks, unique T-shirts, exquisite glass work and much more. While you browse you can listen to the rhythms of the performers pictured above. The band is called Weak Patrol and the people in the picture are, from the left, Brad Kennedy, Caleb Kennedy and Jen Book. Click here to visit Weak Patrol's MySpace page and listen to some of their music. Feel the energy.


Anonymous said...

Great picture! It really captures the intensity and vigour of their performance. Unfortunately these guys, while good in their way, are very loud and hurt many of the regular causeway busker with their volume and lack of feeling for others working around them (even though they are also part of that group). They always say they will turn down but the next time it's the same old story. Too bad.

Jabba said...

Obviously I need to get down to the Inner Harbour more often. I love markets and wasn't aware there is one downtown at night!
I'm trying to get in to the Sidney market, have you been out there?

Anonymous said...

It's true. These musicians are good,.. however they're allowed electric amplification in too close vicinity to other causeway musicians who are required to remain "unplugged" for the very reason of avoiding overpowering their neighbouring musicians.

What's more troubling is the market coordinator who encouraged/allows the electric amplification is the same one who oversees the regular causeway musicians unhappy with the interference.

A definite double-standard and slight to affected parties brought on by questionable ethics.

Benjamin Madison said...

Yes Jabba there's lots of good stuff at the night market definitely worth a visit. I've not been out to the Sidney market. Fernwood has a nice little market on Tuesday evenings that I posted about last year.

Anonymous 1 and 2: It would be inappropriate for me to have an opinion on this but I must say that earlier in the evening before I took this photo I was on the Causeway listening to some of my other favorite musicians. The thumping bass coming from Ship Point was too loud to ignore and certainly made it difficult to enjoy other performers.