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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Signs of Summer

Almost lost in a sea of signposts, lamp posts, traffic, trees and pedestrians, is The Great Navigator, Captain James Cook (he's just about in the center of the above photo). In addition to the lightly clad strollers and the leafy green trees this view of Government Street has one other distinctively Victorian sign of summer, those beautiful hanging baskets of flowers that transform our downtown into one large flower garden every year about this time. Another sign of summer is a kind of patriotism I can get behind, the Canada Cone, if you're feeling snackish.
But let us not forget the Three Basic Food Groups so colorfully depicted below.


ms toast burner said...

Wow, that first picture is amazing. It took me like what seemed like forever to figure it out: where it was and where you were when you took the picture... and I've lived in James Bay and Fairfield most of my life - how embarrassing! :-)

.escamilla. said...

where is the canada cone located?
i wanna get me one before i leave :)

Benjamin Madison said...

Hi Ms toast - yes one of the reasons I posted it was because it leaves out all the usual scenic stuff - the Inner Harbour and the Legislative buildings on the right and the Empress and the archives/museum/IMAX on the left and because I was using a 300mm telephoto lens everything is squashed together.

Escamilla - I hope you had a good time here in Canada. The Canada Cone stand is on Government Street just where it meets Humboldt street. (It was just beside me when I took the top photo).

Jacob said...

My goodness, what a crowd. You can just feel the excitement in the air. Great photos!

TheChieftess said...

Love the colors in the 3rd photo...and love the 3 food groups!!!