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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Westsong Walkway Revisited

We finally arrived at summer this last week, with genuinely hot and sunny days. Here's another favorite view of mine, taken from above the Westsong Walkway looking across the harbor towards Shoal Point. I've posted photos taken from this spot before but I like this one particularly because it has one of those lovely great cruise ships in it, visible at its Ogden Point berth. You can also see a whale-watching excursion boat (small and yellow) in the right center of the photo, another characteristic of summer in Victoria.


Hilda said...

Beautiful! Especially with those majestic mountains in the background. And so much going on!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! We're really loving your daily photos here. I'm so glad someone is enjoying the beautiful days we've been having - I've been stuck in a hot and sticky office. :p

Kitty said...

yet another lovely day.
It's pretty incredible how large those cruise ships are. The contrast with their natural surroundings is startling.