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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Green Tunnel

Though I've lived in Victoria for many years now I still discover new things regularly. I discovered Rithet's Bog thanks to fellow local blogger, Jabba, of Cafe Jabbaccino, when she mentioned it in a recent post on her blog. There is a trail around the perimeter of the bog which includes this lovely green tunnel. I found the bog a challenge to photograph. It is a slightly dwarfed environment full of small things, different from the broad vistas of mountain and ocean more typical of these pages. Tomorrow I'll post a few more photos of life in and around the bog.


Jacob said...

Nice shot, Ben! I'm glad you didn't get bogged down!

Álvaro said...

Beautiful photo and a very nice blog.
Congratulations from Spain.

Jabba said...

Yay! You went! It is an interesting environment - with stunted growth and different plants. When the lavender tea and bog laurel is in bloom it will get more interesting.

(Did you stumble upon a little girl selling lemonade and rice krispie squares near the houses?)