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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tam Kung

Victoria's Chinatown is very small but contains numerous hidden gems. One of these is the Chinese Temple located at 1713½ Government Street on the top floor of the Yen Wo Society Building. This is the oldest Chinese Temple in Canada and is dedicated to the god, Tam Kung, whose statue is pictured above. The moment I entered the red door on the ground floor I realized I was entering another culture. Three flights of stairs rose before me, not zig-zagging back and forth from floor to floor but in a steep straight ascent. The temple is on the top floor and is well worth a visit if only to smell the joss and listen to the voices of the past.Tam Kung is the patron deity of seafarers and there is another temple to Tam Kung in Hong Kong. You can find out more about Tam Kung and these temples by clicking HERE.


bitingmidge said...

It all seems so out of context, which of course it is!

Beautifully captured if I do say so!

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Kcalpesh said...

These are really special pictures. Anything religious, I'd love to see it... The first picture shot in dark looks very good! I've tried capturing flames but always got a flare in the picture... This is nicely done! Thanks for sharing!