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Monday, August 31, 2015

Esquimalt Lagoon - Late summer

I often find late summer landscapes to be a bit frowsy - everything is worn out, blown and gone to seed - but at Esquimalt Lagoon on Sunday it just seemed that the green of spring and summer grasses had been refined and smelted into gold.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sidney Spit Provincial Park

There is a little island off the coast of Sidney that is truly a tiny bit of paradise. The only access is by water and there is a small passenger ferry that runs daily to the island from the end of the pier in Sidney and takes about 25 minutes. The ride itself is quite nice in fact. The above picture is taken from about half way down the spit but the tide was on it's way in and so we didn't linger too long for fear of getting stranded out on the point. It's a great spot for a day trip or for the more adventurous there's camping. Well worth a visit! - Fern

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Las Vegas?

Well, it doesn't quite look like Caesar's Palace does it? Here's a local attraction in View Royal I pass often but have never stopped to photograph before, probably because the building has such a neutral, institutional appearance. Gamblers in this province don't get to experience the architectural extravagance of gambling parlors such as those in Las Vegas. I suspect there are several reasons for this - not the least is that there is no competition. There is only one casino here and this is it. Another reason probably has something to do with the rather prudish history of this province in relation to alcohol and gambling both. I can still remember when beer parlors had two entrances and two sections: one was labeled "Men" or "Gentlemen" and the other was labeled "Ladies and Escorts". Drinking in public (sidewalk restaurants) was strictly banned. Gambling, aside from that which took place at Race Tracks, was completely illegal. The only lottery was the Irish Sweepstakes and you had to know somebody who knew somebody in order to get a ticket for that once a year event. Well, times have changed. There are many lotteries now and most of the money goes to charitable causes. Tickets are sold in every supermarket and other places as well. However, gambling with other games of chance such as card games, roulette and slot machines is still limited to the casino (or online). Laws governing alcohol use have loosened up also although you still can't buy alcoholic drinks in a grocery store here.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Funk Cannon Up Close

One of many reasons I like photographing street performers is that it gives me a chance to practice making portraits. Here's some of the group featured in yesterday's post, Funk Cannon. My apologies for neglecting to get the names of the newer members of this group.

Thomas Daudlin - Saxophone
Max Stover - Saxophone
Rhythm Guitar

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Funk Cannon

After watching a bit of the cycle race on Dallas Road (yesterday's post) on Sunday afternoon I strolled down into Cook Street Village and caught one of my favorite busking groups, Funk Cannon. This is a bunch of high school kids whose high energy music always draws (and holds) a crowd.