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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


We've looked at many spring arrivals lately and here's one I overlook often, all the bugs that pop into our consciousness when the weather warms up. I don't notice Victoria's bugs much because I lived in Africa for many years and having had close personal association with the Tumba Fly (you DON'T want to know what it does), malarial mosquitoes and other serious life-threatening insects, I consider our local bugs to be pretty benign, aside from those considered by gardeners to be pests. I guess that would include the aphid pictured above, though I suspect, like the Boll Weevil, she's just "lookin' for a home." Aphids, according to Wikipedia, are "...a highly successful group of organisms." There are over 4,400 species and if you read the Wikipedia article you will agree that they really are remarkable in a surprising number of ways. For example, in the summer they reproduce by live birth and some of their offspring may even be producing their own tiny offspring before they are born. I actually set out this morning to photograph the Crane's Bill this aphid is sitting on. These little flowers are so small I got out the macro lens and when I focused down in macro mode I saw this little green bug, nearly invisible to the naked eye. Crane's Bills are members of another very successful zoological group, the genus Geranium.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Here's a new character on the Causeway, Dorian, a living statue and mime. If he looks a little familiar it's because he is being portrayed by the Causeway veteran performer who appeared for years as Plasterman, enchanting and amazing adults and children alike. Visible behind Dorian are some of the many luxurious boats displayed as part of last weekend's Victoria Inner Harbour Boat Show.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Christmas Hill Part 2

Yesterday's post showcases the view from Christmas Hill but this folks, is the real deal, the whole enchilada, this is what it's like IN Christmas Hill. The explosion of green is incredible and almost impossible to capture with a camera. - Fern

Saturday, April 30, 2016

From Christmas Hill

I've recently shown you some views from high points in the city. Today's view of the city was taken on a recent visit Fern and I made to Christmas Hill, another great little Garry Oak park. You can see glimpses of Swan Lake in the foreground. It's also part of this nature preserve.

Friday, April 29, 2016


Here is the same view as yesterday but from the Walbran Park hilltop a little further east from Gonzales Hill. This is a panorama where you can actually see the Gonzales Observatory on the far right side. It is a VERY large panorama so click on the above photo and then click the larger version again and you can scroll around to see the details.