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Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Electric Bike

Every day when I move around the city, wherever I stop someone usually asks me about my electric bike. Given the rise in gasoline prices and the ongoing deterioration of the environment, many people are interested in other means of transportation and the electric bicycle or e-bike is becoming less of a curiosity and more of a realistic alternative. I've been riding mine now for about three months and I grow more enthusiastic about it every day.

Mine is not the latest or most powerful model. It is powered by a 350 watt motor. The motor is that fat hub on the rear tire. The motor is completely sealed and needs no servicing. It runs from power supplied by a 36 volt battery - that fat looking mid-section of the frame of the bike. I charge the battery by plugging it into a charger every night. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge and uses about 25 cents worth of electricity. On a full charge it will travel from 30 to 50 kilometers (20 to 30 miles). Top speed on the flat is about 25 km or 15 miles per hour. It can also be pedaled. It has a 5 speed gear change like a normal bike. When one pedals, the motor uses less battery power, thereby increasing the range.

In addition to the savings on fuel, it is also less expensive to operate because it is classed as a bicycle, hence does not require a license or insurance. My bike is one of the least expensive, costing about $700 in Canadian dollars (C$ are currently worth slightly more than American $). It was made in China. I bought it here in Victoria from Green World Electric Vehicles, which carries a number of different models with prices up to about $1,500. Questions?


melanie said...

intéressant ce vélo électrique. Et je vois que, de plus, il est sans doute capable de tracter un gros bateau. Waouh !

babooshka said...

Fantastic imahe of the two modes of transport shot in perspective. Bikes and photography have always gone had in hand.You can#t get a car down an a slim alley.

Sharon said...

What a fantastic vehicle. Thanks for the information about it. I actually had no idea electric bikes existed. I love the way you took this photo.

Wayne said...

A neat shot.

Electric bikes and scooters are becoming very popular here.

I've been thinking about getting one to cover more ground without depending on transit.

Snapper said...

The photo is brilliant. Talk about a study in contrasts! And thanks for the text too. There are quite a few of these here on Gabriola too. A buddy of mine took the pedals off his because he thought they looked funny and he said he never used them. To each his own I guess.

USelaine said...

For all my raging at the machine, so to speak, the thing that holds me back from e-bikes and Vespas is the exposure to winter weather. I love the enclosed shelter of a car, and wish "They" would hurry up and bring out the e-cars I'm convinced are already possible.

And yes! A stunning composition, Benjamin.

michael said...

thank u r information

nice collection