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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Causeway Artists #6: BB Blues Band

If I seemed a little negative about the big BC Day celebrations centered here in Victoria's Inner Harbor, it's only because I so much like the normally relaxed, uncrowded atmosphere. And, while BC Day celebrations brought some big-name talents to the Inner Harbor, there are some equally talented though less famous performers every day on the causeway. Here's another one of my favorites, Ian Bennetts of the BB Blues Band. If you're strolling on the Inner Harbor causeway, slow down, sit down, relax, and let Ian waft you away to "margaritaville" with his mellow voice and 12-string guitar stylings.

1 comment:

Small City Scenes said...

I am on my way---I need to be wafted away--RIGHT NOW!! Victoria is indeed a lovely city. MB