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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BC Day

The first monday in August is a national holiday in Canada although it is given different names in different parts of the country. See the Edmonton CDP blogger's post for all the information on this. In BC we call it BC Day. This year there is a lot of hoopla over the fact that British Columbia is now 150 years old and it is 150 years since the City of Victoria was officially so designated. I'm not very enthusiastic about large events and enormous crowds but other people are so here is a quick shot of what the Inner Harbour looked like on BC Day.


USelaine said...

Well thank you for showing us that the people of Victoria like to gather together a bit. The weather looks sweltering, given all the shorts and tank tops gals are wearing. Remember to drink your fluids.

nobu said...

It seems that they are enjoy holiday in a fine day.

raf said...

Wow, what a turnout! Beautiful setting for such a gathering, but like you I would be happy to observe from afar.