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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jake Quake and the Seismatics - Causeway Artists #4

Well you get three for one today with this Causeway Artists post. This super-group is Jake Quake and the Seismatics. The rompin' stompin' guitar in the center (and below) is Jake and he's not just another pretty face. He's playing, and he's playing with two of the real virtuoso solo causeway artists, Rock and Roller Marty (right) and one-man-band bluesman, Dave Harris (left).Singer/guitarist Marty, Victoria's own "Boss" (below), has been putting an edge on causeway entertainment for years with his classic Rock and RollLast but not least, Dave Harris, the grand old man of causeway artists, has been entertaining Victorians and visitors on the causeway for 30 years.This group was really hot today. I didn't have my video camera but here's an old video of Dave Harris by himself that will give you some idea of how outstanding these performers are.

*The above video was originally posted on YouTube by user Vingatondooda. Click HERE to see the YouTube page.


Dina said...

great shots. I like how big your photos are. Nice Sunday

USelaine said...

Jake looks like he seriously knows what he's doing!

melanie said...

le série de photos. J'aime beaucoup le petit garçon avec la grande guitare.

Ici, le mois dernier, nous avons eu un concert avec le didgeridoo !

Webradio said...

Good music !