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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The TD Art Gallery Paint-In

One of Victoria's favorite outdoor summer events, the Paint-In was once again a fabulous day of art and sunshine and people. Lots of people. This was the 25th year of the event and included a whopping 161 artists. The incredible variety of materials, subject matter and styles was inspiring. This young art enthusiast was exploring her own idea of what makes for interesting subject matter. - Fern


JoJo said...

How does the paint in work? People just set up their easels and paint?

Fern Long said...

JoJo, I guess I could've included an actual artist to give some idea of what is looks like. This event is hosted by the Art Gallery and you do have to apply to participate. Here is more info;

Dean Lewis said...

The Moss Street Paint-in is a true highlight of the summer. It must be twenty blocks long and affords a leisurely stroll through a smorgasbord of art lining both sides of the street.
I'm hoping to participate next year, doing demo-freebie caricatures through the five hours it runs.
The weather always seems to cooperate, making it a real delight. By the end, the street is jammed with tens of thousands taking it in.