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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Telephoto Fun

This city has a nice location lying at the foot of the towering peaks of....Just a minute there buddy, this is Victoria. See the red roof and spires of Craigdarroch castle on the right and the Shoal Point Condominium on the left. (Click the photo to see a larger version.) Where did that humongous mountain come from? The photo was taken from Albert Head Lagoon Regional Park using a 300 mm telephoto lens. The vast peak in the background, while it is occasionally visible from the city, is never so large as it appears in this photo. Its immensity is because of the foreshortening effect of telephoto lenses. The further away something is the more it is enlarged in proportion to closer objects. The mountain is Mount Baker in Washington State, about 130 kilometers (85 miles) distant from where I took this photo.


Dean Lewis said...

The same effect is sometimes used with moon shots, making them seem much larger in relation to what's in the foreground.
This foto appears to also show a bit of the hovering haze we have been experiencing for a few days now, that they say is from forest fires in Siberia.

JoJo said...

I saw a similar photo online and it blew my mind. I had no idea Baker could look that big with a super zoom. It looks like it's towering over Victoria. Hard to believe it's so far inland on the other side of the Salish Sea.

RedPat said...

Very cool!