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Friday, July 27, 2012

New Faces 1 - Blake Andison

I've been enjoying myself a lot lately down on the Inner Harbour Causeway. I've spent some time listening to and watching veteran Causeway Artists but I've also been impressed by some new faces. Above is Blake Andison, singer/guitarist and leader of "Blake Andison and The Solution" although when I saw him he was busking solo. Blake's well worth listening to and a welcome addition to the Causeway Artists roster. Use the player below to listen to some of Blake's music.


JoJo said...

Are you going to feature the spraybombs brothers?

Randy said...

Nice shot. I like the music too.

Benjamin Madison said...

Hi JoJo - Thanks for reminding me that I've not featured the spraybombers on this blog yet. Maybe I'll get around to it later in the summer.

@Randy - Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed listening to Blake too.