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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beaches 3 - Willows Beach

This is generally the most popular beach in the Greater Victoria area, Willows Beach. It's a long, sandy beach and closer to the city center than either Cordova Bay or Cadboro Beaches. It's got a food stand with a terrific summer menu - french fries and hot dogs and all kinds of other fast food. But you can also sit down and have a nice cup of tea if you like. This is Oak Bay, after all.


Dean Lewis said...

As a kid, summer's arrival was confirmed by hearing this on the radio:

JoJo said...

I couldn't believe what a great little beach this is. I can't tell, are you facing the Olympics or the Cascades?

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks Dean!
JoJo - We are looking southwest in this photo so I think those are the Olympic peninsula mountains in the background.

Mike Laplante said...

"Most popular beach"?

Thetis Lake beach would eclipse this for sheer numbers on a hot summer day. Even Hamsterley (spelling?) beach on Elk Lake probably gets more people.

A little further out Witty's Beach probably gets more crowded as well.