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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Landen Shaw - Guitarist

Way back in May of this year I posted a photo of this young performer and promised a video of his playing "when the weather warms up a bit". Here is the video as promised. I invite you to take five minutes to enjoy a musical medley from Landen Shaw, Victoria's youngest busker.


Dean Lewis said...

Wow, can this young guy play.
And twelve-string yet.
Great video.

JoJo said...

He is incredibly talented!!! WOW!!! He's going to be something as he gets older and more experienced. Keep an eye on this fellow...he's going places.

Stephanie said...

Very talented on the 12 string guitar.

Pam Lane said...

Wish I were there! So much to see on a summer's evening. Thanks for sharing this kid's amazing talent.