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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jaime Nolan

This week Victoria is hosting its second annual Buskers Festival featuring street entertainment acts from all over the world. Today's portrait is not one of those imported acts though, it is one of our homegrown veteran performers on the Inner Harbour Causeway, singer/songwriter Jaime Nolan. The Buskers Festival is a great addition to our summer entertainment here in Victoria but I encourage everyone who visits downtown to catch some of these acts to take a turn around the Inner Harbour Causeway and get to know the buskers and artists who live here and work hard all summer to make our downtown one of the nicest in the world. They deserve our gratitude and support. Jaime's been singing on the Inner Harbour since 1994 and he's well worth listening to.

1 comment:

Dean Lewis said...

Jaime is a true yeoman performer on the causeway. He does terrific covers of Neil Young songs.