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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's All a Matter of Scale

Only a few steps up the hill from the site of yesterday's photo I took the series of 16 photos that make up this panoramic view of Victoria from Highrock Park. It's about an 180 degree view from Mount Douglas on the left to Odgen Point on the right. Click the small image above to see the large version. You may have to click the large version again to see it full size. Once again, credit must go to the developers of Hugin, which software did the seamless stitching of the 16 photos that make up this panorama.


Dean Lewis said...

This shot is truly remarkable !
What amazingly high resolution.
Scrolling across it with the keyboard arrows is like taking a flight across the city and a fun test of one's knowledge of our landmarks.
What really underlines just how powerful the telephoto power is, is the snow on the mainland mountains, at least fifty miles east. To the right of our Mount Tolmie is a clear Mt. Baker, and to the left is a very large San Juan Island, showing just how close it is to us, appearing as if within our city limits.
Craigdarroch Castle sticks up on the horizon line just to the left of downtown.
Too cool !
Thanks a lot for this one Benjamin !

JoJo said...

How beautiful!!!! You got Mt. Baker and the Olympics all in one shot!!!!!

Lucka said...

High resolution is absolutely amazing!

Mike Laplante said...

Back in 2006, I took this 360 degree from the top of Christmas Hill.
It was just an experimental shot so I didn't clean it up.

Since then, I've been waiting for the perfect combination of late-afternoon clouds, light, atmospherics and a cruise ship parked at Ogden Point to happen. Under the right conditions you can see clear across to Port Angeles, Mt. Baker, etc.

Maggie said...

This is a marvelous panorama. Thanks for the information on the software.

I have taken the liberty of mentioning your blog in a comment on our new photo upload/sharing site.
here is what I hope is a hot link to the comments on some very nice panoramas, in Portugal, I believe. using 11 photos

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Dave Harris said...

Fabulous Benjamin!

Lorne Campbell said...

Neat panorama. I looked but I could not see the joins. I was discussing the technique this afternoon with picture framer I know, he had a couple on his workbench and we were not quite sure how it is done.
I would quite like to try this.