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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Taking a lot of photos encourages one to look at the world with a little more attention. Making regular daily blog postings increases this since it provides some historical reference for what one sees and records. Lately I've been noticing the differences in micro-climates in some of the local parks and how much they can change from year to year. The white flowers in this photo are some of my favorite spring flowers, Giant White Fawn Lilies. They are blooming in a Beacon Hill meadow that will soon be carpeted with the deep blue blossoms of Camas, a few buds of which are visible in the above photo. Judging by last year's flower progression I figured the meadow above would be a sea of blue by this time because I posted a photo of some fawn lilies back in March and they bloom just before the Camas. However, what I'm learning is that those lilies I photographed in Saxe Point Park were several weeks ahead of these on Beacon Hill. Also, probably because of our warm winter, all our spring flowers are a few weeks ahead of last year.


Unseen Rajasthan said...

Fantastic,beautiful and lovely shot !!Great post !!

Rob and Mandy said...

Just wonderful!

JoJo said...

So pretty! Yes, we have been WAY ahead of the normal blooming season in Washington as well. The rhodies are all starting and we don't usually see them till May.

I wonder if Camas, Washington was so named b/c of the flowers.