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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fleming Beach Rock Climbing and Boat Ramp

There are three parks I often visit along the Esquimalt shoreline of Greater Victoria: Macaulay Point, Fleming Beach, and Saxe Point. The first two are contiguous and are only separated from Saxe Point by small residential area. Fleming Beach is in the middle and as well as the Buxton Green picnic area and the breakwater visible in yesterday's photos, also features a large precipitous rock formation much used by local rock climbers for practice and a couple of docks where fishermen launch their boats for a day on the water. I often stop here and walk out on the dock because harbour seals seem to like this little cove and swim around and under the dock. Despite their proximity, the three parks have very different characters. Macaulay Point has its military gun emplacements scattered through dense thickets of low bush and very few trees. Fleming Beach is all about the rocks and the docks. Saxe Point is quite thickly forested with some very large trees though it also contains a nice little piece of Garry Oak ecosystem.


JoJo said...

But the real question is (at least for me): How is the beachcombing?

Benjamin Madison said...

Hi JoJo - the "beach" at Fleming Beach is about 50 feet from one end to the other. The rest of the shoreline of these parks is just big rocks plunging down into deep water. Saxe point has a couple of tiny beaches but I don't think they are very interesting from a beachcombing perspective. The eastern shores of Victoria have long sandy beaches much more suited to strolling (see Cordova Bay).

Dean Lewis said...

Another very windy day today.
How about some 'surf-drama' shots?
even though it feels like a day to honker down.