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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa

Victoria is a very tourist-oriented city so there are lots of places to stay, especially B&Bs and of course many hotels. Aside from the Empress I have not paid much attention to hotels on this blog since I rarely visit them. Here is one I pass often, however, on my way downtown since it is the first building on the Victoria West side of the Johnson Street Bridge and occupies much of Songhees Point, the beginning of the Westsong Walkway. It is called the Ocean Pointe Resort and I suspect it is quite a nice place to stay. It is certainly very convenient to downtown. Perhaps someone can tell me sometime why the word Pointe in their name is spelled with an e on the end. It would also be interesting to know why a building situated on Songhees Point is called Ocean Pointe.


Irina said...

The hotel looks lovely, specially when decorated with new greens on the trees.
Being a potential tourist I can say that Pointe looks and sounds like intriguing Italian :-))

JoJo said...

Let me know if you need a review of hotels. I've stayed at the Coast Harbourside, Queen Vic and the Holiday Inn which I am sorry, but they should NOT advertise themselves as being part of "downtown Victoria". If you can't walk to it, it ain't downtown. That's the last damn time I use Priceline for my stay up there.

Also stayed at Point No Point cabins, a bit west of French Beach.