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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Green

I love spring green. (Now I have to get out my field guides and find the name of this lovely wild flower.)(Later: I can't find it in the field guide which suggests it may be an introduced species. Anybody know what this is?)Visitor Shawn suggested that this is a species of Solomon's Seal and, judging by the photo in Wikipedia and others in Google, he is correct. Thanks Shawn!


Shawn said...

I believe it's Soloman's Seal. Maybe.

Benjamin Madison said...

Hi Shawn,
Thanks. I believe you have identified this plant. It seems it doesn't grow naturally in this area so I guess it is an introduced species. I found these in Highrock Park where they are certainly thriving in a wild environment.

JoJo said...

We're finally in full bloom here too!

Dean Lewis said...

Beautiful close-up.
Fifty shades of green.