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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Here is a Victoria resident who is very special for a several reasons. First, he's got what is arguably the classiest address in the city. He lives in a small rock garden on one corner of the block occupied by the Fairmont Empress Hotel on Victoria's Inner Harbour Causeway. He's been living there for four years. Secondly, like most of us, he's not a native of the city. In fact, he's probably the only Yellow-bellied Marmot on Vancouver Island. There are other marmots on the island but they are a different species. It's thought he may have hitched a ride here on a car or truck coming from the interior of the province or from Alberta. I've looked for Roger a number of times since I first heard about him but was only lucky enough to catch these photos on Sunday.

Thanks to regular visitors Dean and Cheryl for alerting me to Roger's presence in our fair city and to Roger for posing so nicely.


JoJo said...

SQUEEE! He's so CUTE! How'd he get the name 'Roger' though?

Benjamin Madison said...

Hi JoJo - apparently he's named after a former manager of the hotel.

Dean Lewis said...

Damn, I had no idea Roger is so tall. And with that golden mane, he is downright "handsome". LOL
I continue to be amazed he has seemingly thrived by himself in what is really a very limited domain.
I'd hate to see him venture beyond his turf because the consequences could not be good. That has to be the main reason attempts have been made to relocate him back to the wild.
Having said that, I intend to see if I can hand feed him, as I know others have. He is one cool dude. A great example of the five-star, first-class treatment the Empress offers.

Anonymous said...

He is one classy marmot!