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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mount Wells Regional Park

This beautiful park is located in Langford and is part of the Sea to Sea Green Blue Belt. We took advantage of Saturday's sun to hike up to the summit and the view was well worth the lung busting ascent! Here we are looking north towards the Saanich Inlet which you can just see in the distance. The smaller body of water in the foreground is the Humpback Reservoir. It was once connected to the larger Sooke Reservoir through 44 km of the concrete piping pictured below. Until the 1990s this was how Victorians received their drinking water. - Fern


Paul in Powell River said...

Typo alert - "Regional"

JoJo said...

Loving both photos. And what Paul said. :)

Fern Long said...

Thanks guys, I am a terrible speller.

Dean Lewis said...

Have always wanted to get to that park/summit.
Looks like Mt. Finlayson to the right, a favourite hike for many.