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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Highland Games

Every year all Victoria's Scots and would-be Scots hold a two day celebration of all things Scottish called the Highland Games. Usually, in anticipation of the big Victoria Day Parade here I forget to attend this event, so I made a special point of remembering it this year. It was good that I did since the parade on Monday was rained on and I decided to stay home. Saturday, however, was bright and sunny and I joined the tartaned crowds to watch the tossing of the Haggis and the many other events. The skirling of pipe bands accompanied the above competition, a judging of Drum Major skills. We'll have a look at some of the other activities later in the week.


JoJo said...

The tossing of the haggis? LOL!!! That's hilarious!! I've heard of Highland Games caber tossing but not haggis tossing.

Dean Lewis said...

You're most likely to toss a Haggis after eating it.