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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hanuman - Delhi - "Somewhere Saturday"

Today for "Somewhere Saturday" we'll take another look at my visit to Delhi in April. Delhi is such an overwhelming physical experience that sights like this incredible statue of the monkey god Hanuman seem almost normal. I'll just describe the temperature (about 35 degrees Celsius/95 degrees F.) and the sounds: Traffic in Delhi is very intimate. The personal space around your vehicle is measured in centimeters or inches, only a few of either. Since vehicles drive so close together they must communicate well and constantly and this is done with the vehicle horn. Many vehicles have signs painted on them inviting other motorists to "Horn Please" and everyone seems happy to oblige. It's like a mobile symphony of tooting. Then there are the smells - plenty of carbon monoxide (but less than a few years ago thanks to the introduction of natural gas powered buses) but also a happy mix of incense from little roadside temples and shrines and the spicy smells of street food venders' cooking. In such an ambience it is not too surprising when this enormous statue of Hanuman appears towering over the elevated Metro line. It's 108 feet (32 meters) tall and has a temple inside with the entrance between the God's feet. It has its own website that you can visit by clicking HERE.

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JoJo said...

I've only ever seen the driving in places like India on TV. You really take your life in your hands!!