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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jean Bedard

There's a wide variety of musicians performing in the streets and downtown tourist venues. Generally, however, the best are those who live here and who scrape a living doing what they love to do, performing for the public in the open air. I haven't met a rich busker yet but none of them are beggars. In fact, most of them give far more than they receive. Jean Bedard (above) is a good example. Here he is performing on the Inner Harbour Causeway. When I sit down and listen to Jean I'm always amazed that such artistry is so freely given away to casual passersby. Take a listen to "Lay Down by the Water" and you'll hear what I mean. You can find out more about Jean HERE

"Lay Down by the Water" was written by Jack Williams.


Dean Lewis said...

Jean is one of my favourites.
The video link isn't working, for me at least.

Benjamin Madison said...

Hi Dean,
It's not a video link - it's just audio so make sure your speakers are on....

JoJo said...

I'm sure I've tossed a toonie in his case a time or two!