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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gonzales Observatory II

The Gonzales Observatory (see yesterday's photo) always reminds me of the blue and white of Greek village photos we so often see in travel brochures. With its small dome it looks more like a little Orthodox cathedral than an observatory. Its steep stairways and elegant lines always inspire the minimalist in me. And much as I love the Rattenbury Legislative Assembly Buildings that I photograph so often, the classical simplicity of the observatory is a welcome antidote to their elaborate ornamentation.


JoJo said...

You are right, it is very Greek-looking! Is the public ever allowed inside to look thru the telescope?

Dean Lewis said...

Hmm, Mom always told me to say nothing if I can'say anything nice,
.. but this pic is missing aesthetic principles that make for a good shot.
The elemental split down the centre and weighing on one side causes an uneasy friction ... for 'my eye', at least.

Benjamin Madison said...

JoJo - the building is no longer in use as an observatory and is not open to the public. Victoria does have an observatory with public programs though I've not been inside.

Dean - your kind and perceptive comments have made my day often enough for you to have plenty of critical credit. Feedback of all kinds is always welcome. I wasn't too happy with this shot either but for me the decision was whether to crop more off the left side and bottom or leave it as it is.