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Monday, August 2, 2010

Gonzales Observatory III

The old observatory building itself is reason enough to visit Gonzales Hill but the views are also worth seeing. Here we are looking west with Gonzales Bay directly below. Gonzales Bay has a nice little sandy beach. The bay is at the bottom of Foul Bay Road. I think Foul Bay was the former name of this bay but this name is passing out of favour because the current meaning of foul is rotten or smelly. I suspect when the bay was first named it was from the nautical meaning describing a seafloor where it was difficult to anchor. Local historians will please correct me if I'm wrong.


Dean Lewis said...

Hey, another early-bird getting the worm shot ?
Not a historian by any means, but I believe McNeil Bay immediediately east was the original Foul Bay.
This shot works much more for me than yesterday's. The strong diagonal element through it gives it a dynamic sense. The horizontal horizon (duh) adds balance as a 'peaceful' line.

JoJo said...

I'm having a hard time placing this view. Is that Washington in the way background? Or part of Vancouver Island?

Dean Lewis said...

JoJo, this angle is looking southwest with Gonzales Bay at the bottom and the edge of Ross Bay at the top.
A really beautiful view from up there.

Dean Lewis said...

The small strip of land at the top right is Clover Point.

Benjamin Madison said...

JoJo - Dean has located everything pretty well except the mountains in the background - they are on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.