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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fisgard Lighthouse Revisited

Fisgard Lighthouse is perched on a rock to one side of the entrance to Esquimalt Harbor. Those of you who follow the news are aware that a large ship full of Tamil refugees has been approaching our coast for several days now and I thought that with any luck I might get to see the Canadian Navy escorting that ship into the harbor, thus giving my photos a newsworthy relevance generally lacking. Well, I don't know what the navy have done with that ship but they didn't bring it in while I was watching so you'll have to settle for another shot of my all-time favorite subject, the Fisgard Lighthouse.

Note: Apparently I was too late since the ship in question was brought in early in the morning. Click here to see a video news broadcast that gives further information.


Dean Lewis said...

Aparently it came in quite early in the morning. I believe it remains docked in Esquimalt Harbour after being unloaded.
In 1999, before the harbour was closed to public access in 2001, I was there and saw the four Chinese migrant ships that came that summer.

Elettra said...

the place is enchanting, even where I live (Calabrian coast in Italy) daily land many refugees who come from various African countries, many poor people who think they can find work and to lead a dignified life, unfortunately this is not reality

JoJo said...

Yes I saw that on one of the news sites I visit! Although I thought the news intimated that they were thought to be terrorists not refugees? Maybe I read it wrong.

Love this photo, it looks very fall-like.

JoJo said...

Nevermind, I found the article I thought I saw and I totally read it wrong. So are the refugees going to be allowed to stay?

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks Dean for the info - yes I believe the ship is now in Esquimalt Harbour and the people aboard are ashore in various locations.

Elettra - yes I suspect if you are Tamil then Canada looks pretty good compared to Sri Lanka.

JoJo - I think the problem here is that people label them according to their own political biases. Our government's job is to look at each person objectively to determine whether they are a refugee or a terrorist or just someone who's trying to get into the country without jumping through all the hoops that other immigrants have to go through.

Dean Lewis said...

Talk about a tough issue.
On one hand it seems these are desperate individuals seeking sanctuary, and on the other, they managed to come up with a ton of dough to pay the people-smugglers to take them here.
I know one of the first things that gets done is finger-printing, so hopefully that screens the most undersirables right away.
With all the strife and natural castrophes around the world, it is a wonder this isn't a daily occurence.