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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photogenic Victoria

Thinking about the difficulties of photographing Fort Rodd Hill (previous two days' posts) has made me realize that there are places in this city I return to often because they almost always yield good photos. Fisgard Lighthouse and Gonzales Hill are two places that come to mind immediately. Here is a third - the Ogden Point Breakwater, pictured above.


JoJo said...

Is this where the cruise ships dock? Is that the lighthouse where it's painted "Welcome to Victoria" on the wall under it?

Benjamin Madison said...

Yes, the cruise ships dock just to the right of the breakwater, which protects them from bad weather. I don't know about the Welcome sign - maybe someone else (Dean, where are you?) knows.

Dean Lewis said...

This shot really demonstrates all the possibilities for basic composition. Just the slightest shift in position will alter the elements and angles. Someone could write a thesis on it.
JoJo, that sign is on the end of the warehouse on the first pier immediately north of the breakwater. The sheltered area between the two is where the pilot boats are located. They are fun to watch, running way out to meet the freighters coming and going providing the skilled navigators.

Dean Lewis said...

What I love about this shot is how the lines eminate and extend outside it's format boundaries suggesting a presence greater than it's content.

Anonymous said...

To much sky