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Monday, March 30, 2009

Gonzales Observatory

Today was a glorious, bright blue-sky day and I took advantage of it to ride to Gonzales Hill Park, Victoria's smallest regional park, situated atop Gonzales Hill in the Fairfield neighbourhood. On this rocky hilltop overlooking Gonzales Bay is the old observatory, built nearly one hundred years ago (1914). It is no longer in use as an astronomical observatory. However, it is being preserved as a heritage building and it does cap this hill beautifully. Below is a wider shot of the observatory.


Stefan Jansson said...

Love the minimalism on the top photo. I'm guessing the view from the old observatory is a good one!

Jabba said...

This is also on our list of stuff to check out. We can see the other observatory (the big one) from our living room window. We are big astronomy fans, so a visit is definitely due.

Great picture! It looks like something from Greece! And OF COURSE it's sitting on top of giant rocks.

Kim said...

Just beautiful shots, both of them. The first appeals to me because of its modern art feel, or perhaps its similarities with some photos of Santorini. The second is just spectacular with such true color. You've really captured the magnificence of the setting and the day.

raf said...

Both great images, Ben, but your wall shot is stunning! Elaine would approve, no doubt.

Another Michael said...

Beautiful shots! I suppose people who don't live in our corner of the world don't fully appreciate the appearance of a blue sky. Like we do.

Dean Lewis said...

The top 'minimalist' shot is to me, so 'effing' good that it seriously belongs in a art-photo exhibition/competition.
It truly is superb !
I remember this from last year and thought I had commented then, .. ? Guess not.