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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Smokey Sunset

I mentioned a few days ago that our atmosphere here has been very polluted lately with smoke from the many forest fires burning on the mainland. While the smoke had abated somewhat by the time I took this photo there was still enough left in the air to provide this nice red sunset over the Inner Harbor. That's one of the little harbor ferries making a late trip on the right.


Mike Laplante said...

Sunset... a much more reasonable time to take photos than sunrise. :)

Dean Lewis said...

They're saying as the wind from friday abates, the smoke is likely to return here. It did make for some fantastic sunsets with a beautiful glowing orange ball easily viewed in the last hour of the day.

JoJo said...

Just beautiful!!! Last weekend when we first noticed the orange sun, I mentioned to Brian that the last time I saw an orange sun, the Oakland Hills were on fire. That night we found out it was due to the fires in BC.

Pedro D. H. said...

the sun, the colors, the water, everything amazing. Every day he will come back... I can't say the some from the love.

Virginia said...

I've missed visiting you and your wonderful blog. y ou know how it get busy and have so many. Well tonight I thought i'd catch up. Glad I did . Your photos are so lovely. I promise to stop by more often!