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Friday, March 20, 2009

Wildfire Organic Bakery and Cafe Gallery

On Quadra Street right opposite the former Baptist church pictured here last week is the Wildfire Organic Bakery and Cafe. The owners have embraced graffiti or street art to the point of allowing two sides of their building to be extensively painted by local artists. Pictured here is one side that usually has two large paintings. These seem to change every few months and are always interesting. I very much admire seeing "unofficial" art like this and applaud the Wildfire and its artists for being open-minded and generous enough to share these creations with us freely.


Irene Keselman Photography said...

Lovely image, love the colors!

Kris said...

Sometimes I am left with the impression that "organic" means "find the smallest, withered fruit, rub some dirt on it and charge twice as much".

That said, all my own fruit and veg is proudly organic!

Davin Greenwell said...

I agree, it's really quite cool.

Jabba said...

The artwork changes every few months?! That's amazing!!
I just visited this bakery for the first time last week. They also specialize in breads and cookies made from flours other than wheat. What a great find considering my new diet!