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Friday, March 27, 2009

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church

I mentioned in a recent post that in Victoria I sometimes feel I'm walking around in a large theme park. I think this comes from childhood Saturday afternoons "when you wish upon a star..." seeing Tinkerbell flying around those fabulously romantic Disney spires. A hint of all that comes back when I look at the Victoria skyline in the header photo above and see, on the right, those silvery spires against the sky. But these are not from Uncle Walt. These spires, an example of Castellated Scottish Baronial Style archtecture, are atop St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, built in 1890 in downtown Victoria on the corner of Douglas and Courtenay Streets.


Virginia said...

What a wonderful old church. I'm a Presbyterian- I"m swooning! HA

Kim said...

That red brick with that blue sky sure looks wonderful! So sharp a shot I feel like I'm standing right there on Douglas with you. I loved reading your thoughts in this post and another about Victoria seeming a bit like a theme park. It does have such do magical views and vistas. Always a treat to see what you are seeing, too. Hey, where'd you get that blue sky. May we have some too, please?

Steffe said...

The old church is beautiful, and with that blue sky it makes for a great photo.