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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dragons are often associated with Chinese culture and this one marks one edge of Victoria's Chinatown on the corner of Pandora and Government Streets. While in western mythology dragons are thought to be evil, as in the story of St. George and the Dragon, in Chinese mythology they are symbols of auspicious power that still command respect in modern Chinese culture. Click here to read what Wikipedia has to say about Chinese dragons.


Hilda said...

Oh, very well done! I think it's a a very handsome dragon sculpture!

Al said...

Tell me how you put this picture together. Is it a three shot HDR combo? Taken in RAW and processed from there? Or did you just focus on the sky and then lighten the foreground in Photoshop?

It's really nice.

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks Hilda.
Al, this is one photo in RAW format passed through Photomatix HDR. The original was taken using fill-flash because I was almost shooting into the sun. The HDR version brought out the details nicely but darkened the upper portion of the dragon where it is outlined against the sky so I used the dodge tool and lightened up that part of the dragon. I didn't use 3 exposures for the hdr because I was shooting using a flash without a tripod so getting three shots off without too much movement was too difficult.

Walker said...

Nice capture, well done.