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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Craftsman Challenge

City Daily Photo Blogger Laurie Allee down in South Pasadena issued a challenge for photos of Craftsman style houses. Above is one of Victoria's finest. Here's what "This Old House: Victoria's Heritage Neighbourhoods, Volume One" has to say about it:

This house was built in 1911...from plan 327 designed by architect Jud Yoho of Seattle. Massive stone pillars support the porch; more commonly in Craftsman houses the stone would extend only part way up as a pier, and wooden supports would rest on them. The open eaves, exposed raftertails, and beam-ends with brackets under the gales are typical.
The house has been joined to its neighbour and subdivided into small apartments but retains its outer form. It has an interesting location, being directly opposite the Mile Zero marker of the Trans-Canada Highway, where Victoria's main thoroughfare, Douglas Street, meets the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks, Laurie, for opening my eyes to the charms of this architectural style. The more I look at these Craftsman houses the more I like them and I expect to find more up north here over the coming months. I think ours may be a bit easier to photograph because, since we don't need cool shade as much, ours are less tree-enclosed than those in California.


Laurie said...

Oh Benjamin, this is marvelous! I'm going to have to do an update!

Saretta said...

I love a house with a porch!

Petrea said...

A glowy, sparkly beauty. We'll have to go back at it, won't we, Laurie?

Carolyn said...

What a beautiful home and photo. Several years ago I was in Victoria to check out my ancesters! My great granddad lived in a craftsman style house on Linden near Dallas which has been duplexed and lovingly restored. I spent a Sunday afternoon walking the neighbourhood and enjoying these beautiful homes. I too love a porch.
Thanks for sharing.

Kathreen said...

This is a beauty inside as well. I endured an intense sixty minute interview just to get on a waiting list to rent a unit in this place. I was called a year later but I turned down the chance to move in.

USelaine said...

That really is a beauty. It deserves to have only select tenants.

Laurie said...

Check out my post today... I've included this in my Craftsman Challenge update!

-K- said...

Beautiful house and I would not have guessed it to be 98 years old. Very well maintained.

And you got the heart of it. Great color too.

Benjamin Madison said...

Laurie - thanks for the update/mention. At one time I studied local history a bit and was impressed by how there was much more north/south integration of culture along the Pacific Coast than east/west. Victoria has always had more in common with San Francisco than with Toronto, especially with heritage architectural styles.

Saretta - I too love a house with a porch or, better yet, a big wrap-around veranda.

Petrea, I don't think I've captured it yet so I'm still working on it too.

Carolyn - you've given me my next assignment - I'll be going down Linden soon, looking for that house.

Kathreen, thanks for letting us know that the inside of this house is as lovely as its exterior.

USelaine - yes, it would be perfect for you - it's about a hundred yards from the ocean and right across the street from Beacon Hill.

Benjamin Madison said...

-K-, yes it's hard to believe it's that old.