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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Street Furniture IV - Bike Racks

As a cyclist I appreciate the growing number of bike racks around the city. However, it has to be admitted that Victoria's bike racks are pretty uninspired compared to some I have seen on other CDP blogs. The best of a dull lot are those in Chinatown, as above. I hope someone will enlighten me as to the meaning of the Chinese characters on the rack. Below are two of the severely functional designs found elsewhere on the city streets. As the number of cyclists increases, these racks will need to increase also. I hope the city will ask our many artists to step up with some more interesting designs for new ones.


Abe Lincoln said...

I like your post today and I would think the city would have a contest for new bike rack designs. What fund that would be and it would also help aspiring artists.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Martin In Bulgaria said...

I love bikes and enyed your little portfolio, it always brightens me up seeing bikes and wanting to get out and ride them.

max said...

What a strange architectural for a bike park!!! very interesting!! it's the first time i see that!!

White Oleander said...

Funny they have Chinese character of 'double happiness' on the first picture. But it's the other way around.

postie said...

heard on the radio today that the new parking meter scheme has a hicup as they will remove the old meters where lots of people locked up their bikes. Now a delay to find new ways to put in new bike racks. They said that something like 14 or so racks would cost like 100,000 bucks. Are they that expensive?

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks Abe, Martin and Max for your comments. Special thanks to White Oleander for the translation. It's probably not the writing that is "the other way round" but the photographer. If I'd photographed this bike rack from the street side it would have been reversed.

Postie, I only hope if they are going to spend a lot of money on bike racks that they will engage our local artists in their design and production