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Friday, February 27, 2009

100 Years of Light

This genuine old English gas lantern was in service on the streets of the County Borough of Walsall, near Birmingham, England, for over 50 years. Presented to the City of Victoria 1960.
Thus reads the plaque at the base of this lamp (right foreground) on the walkway above the Inner Harbour. It's not a gaslight any longer but it still brightens the night. (I'd be interested to know if any of my local readers knows why this lamp was presented to the city.) The gray art deco tower in the background rises above the Victoria Visitors Information Centre.


Walker said...

Great composition, love the scene.

postie said...

I don't know any info about the light. But I do know the building with the clock tower was once a gas station.

Laurie said...

This is such a charming setting. I have a thing about old streetlamps, too. Gorgeous.

Benjamin Madison said...

Thank you Walker and Laurie.
Postie, thanks for that lovely bit of information - it makes more sense to me that the visitor centre was formerly a gas station - it must have been a glorious gas station.

Suzanne said...

Love this picture.