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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Street Furniture III - Sidewalk Access

It doesn't look like much but that little dip in the lip of the sidewalk curb is there to make it easy for people using wheelchairs and other mobility devices to move around Victoria. This happens to be the curb on the street corner nearest my house but you will find these dips on every sidewalk in the city. It's a humble gesture but it means a lot.


Wayne said...

I call those skateboard ramps.

Corey Burger said...

They are called curb cuts, which is a catchall turn for both these and the older ramps for driveways.

USelaine said...

Any one of us could suddenly find ourselves needing this kind of access, and I'm always glad to see such infrastructure.

Benjamin Madison said...

Wayne I suspect that real skateboarders prefer uncut curbs as offering more of a challenge.

Corey, as usual, thanks for the information. When I was preparing this post I unsuccessfully ransacked my brain and google too for the name of this sidewalk feature.

Elaine, I agree. I mostly view modern industrial society as uncaring and it gives me hope when I see features like this.