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Monday, February 23, 2009

Street Furniture VII - Phone Booths

This photo is from a few days ago - I've been housebound the last few days with a back problem so.... Yes, Victoria still has phone booths, though with the increasing popularity of cell phones their number is decreasing. This particular one is in Victoria's Chinatown.


Guy D said...

Very cool, I love how they adapted the phone booth to the theme of that area of the city, very nice photo.

Have a great week!
Regina In Pictures

postie said...

yes when cell phones were first popular everyone was comparing their cell rates. I always joked I was on the 25cent plan. 25 cents a call for as long as I wanted. Only problem the phone was very big (phone booth)

Kim said...

That's a beautiful shot in beautiful light. Your blue sky, red phone booth and yellow lines are making me feel cheery on a glum rainy day here.
Wishing you fast recovery and hope you aren't in too much pain.
Seattle Daily Photo

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks Guy, and Postie, as usual you make a good point :0) Thanks Kim for visiting and shedding such a delightful rain of comments. I'm happy you enjoyed the video - Everest was our magnum opus though I like some of the shorter ones too. My granddaughter and I had fun making them.

Blognote said...

That is a great picture, Benjamin! I am sure that these phoneboxes one day will become collectable just as the jukeboxes!I like this one specially made to fit into Chinatown.

Jabba said...

That is the cleanest phone booth I have ever seen!

JoJo said...

I remember this booth and am planning on shooting another pic on my trip!