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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Taoist Tai Chi Demonstration

The Taoist Tai Chi Society recently held a national workshop here in Victoria and one of the events was a demonstration of Taoist Tai Chi on the West Song Walkway. I've recently begun to learn Tai Chi through the activities of this volunteer organization and am enjoying it very much. Our weather on this Saturday morning was cold and windy and this group has my admiration for their wonderfully coordinated performance under these difficult conditions.


Montreal Photo Daily said...

Happy that you are enjoying it. Keep it up... the benefits from practicing TaiChi regularly are huge.
Have a happy Thursday!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Such a great picture Ben, love the colour, movement and as a bonus that great sky.

Mike Laplante said...

Years ago I tried tai chi, thinking that I would enjoy it after 15 years of martial arts. Unfortunately, I found it too slow and uninteresting for my taste.

After a recent trip to Costa Rica, I'm thinking of some sort of Latin dance instead.

JoJo said...

One of my fave things to see in San Francisco are the many groups of Asians doing their daily tai chi in the many parks in The City. It's a very graceful thing to watch.

Monica Devine said...

I've just started doing Tai Chi at age 58, and love it. Also Qigong, and working with the breath is fascinating and beneficial to longevity. Inspiring!

Chrissy Brand said...

A fascinating idea- I know nothing about Tai Chi, and a great photo