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Friday, July 22, 2011

Blue Nile Rose

On a morning walk recently I noticed this lovely rose in the garden entryway of an apartment building. When I stopped to take a photo of it the caretaker came out and told me a bit about it and encouraged me to smell it. It's only one of many different types of roses he grows. He prefers those that, like this one, called "The Blue Nile", have a rich scent. I too am partial to old-fashioned roses like this.


Montreal Photo Daily said...

Beautiful capture! Beautiful rose!
Hello from Montreal.

Jack said...


JoJo said...


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Canarybird said...

I love those mauve roses with a strong perfume. Blue Nile is from a French breeder. I used to have K├Âlner Karneval (aka Blue Girl), bred in Germany by Kordes, which is another mauve beauty with an amazingly strong scent. Hello from Tenerife.