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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For Sale

If you've ever had a hankering to travel around in your own paddle wheel steamship, here's your chance. The vessel pictured above while moored at Ship Point is a replica of the SS Beaver, the first steamship on this coast and it's up for sale. You can read a little of the history of the original SS Beaver by clicking HERE.


Dean Lewis said...

Beautiful shot of this replica of one of the most significant ships from BC and Canada's westcoast colonial history.
A decade ago, the SS Beaver ran very popular three-hour dinner cruises in the inner harbour and along the south coast between Trial Island and right into Esquimault harbour.
It's great to see the interest in restoring it to prominence as part of Victoria's heritage.

Christina Klas said...

Good grief what a gorgeous sight... and up for sale! How I would love to travel the world in that. :)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous steamship and shot!

Anonymous said...

You caught the light just at the perfect moment... gorgeous shot!

JoJo said...

That'd be a blast!

Jack said...

Beautiful photograph. Your light was perfect. I would buy the Beaver except I already have one just like it.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

That really is an amazing image Ben, perfect lighting and reflections! Gorgeous old boat, wonder how long it will take before someone buys it!!

Jonathan Henriksen said...

That is one of the best pictures I have ever seen of the SS Beaver!!
Yes we are for sale
Go to for more information
A possible movie might be filmed onboard her this fall