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Monday, September 28, 2009

École Victor-Brodeur

École Victor-Brodeur, Victoria, BC, Canada

Yesterday's post showed our oldest secondary school, Vic High. Today's photo is of one of our newest schools, École Victor-Brodeur. The name of the school is in French because the school is for students who wish to be educated in French. Canada has two official languages, French and English, and education and other government services must always be available in both languages. I posted this photo to illustrate how school architecture has changed but it's not just the look that has changed. École Victor-Brodeur is a much greener school than Vic High. Many aspects of the building have been designed to lessen the environmental impact of the school. You can read more about École Victor-Brodeur by clicking HERE.École Victor-Brodeur, Victoria, BC, Canada


ms toast burner said...

Built by IKEA!


Kcalpesh said...

This is a stunning capture? Is this done by a fisheye lens?

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Benjamin Madison said...

You're right Marnie, it does look like an IKEA creation. There is a hint of lego there too.

KC - thanks - no not a fisheye but a wide angle lens, the Sigma 10-20 mm opened up to 10mm.

Anonymous said...

I actually go to this school, have been since the 1st grade. It's an amazing school especially living in a majority English city. Not only are the teachers friendly, but we really get one-on-one time with them considering our High School part consists only of about 130 kids.