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Sunday, September 6, 2009

City Hall

Victoria City Hall, Victoria, BC, Canada

I've posted a photo of Victoria's City Hall before almost exactly a year ago. But it's an interesting heritage building worth a second look. There's a good short history of it you can read by clicking HERE. The main reason for this post however, is to encourage residents of Victoria to sign a petition requesting the city council to hold a referendum on the Johnson Street Bridge replacement. Please click here to visit the petition site. It will only take a few minutes of your time to make your voice heard on this issue.

Secondly, at City Hall on Tuesday morning at 9:00 am, City Council will unveil three proposed designs for the new $63 million bridge they want to build. This is part of the "public engagement" plan so why not show up and get engaged?

Visit the site to find out more about the issues involved. The city's website on this issue is at
Victoria City Hall, Victoria, BC, Canada
UPDATE: Oops! Looks like we're not invited. The above "presentation" is only for the media.


Hilda said...

It's a gorgeous old building and the color is so outrageous, I love it!

Good luck to your city with the bridge. At least they ask you — our local and national governments rarely do.

Susan Jones said...

Digg'n your blog!!!