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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Panoramic View - Johnson Street Bridge to Laurel Point

Take a stroll around Victoria's Inner Harbour by clicking on the tiny pic above. You will then see a panorama 16 megapixels wide. You may have to click it again to see it full size. Then you can scroll from one side to the other. This panorama is 18 separate photos stitched together. My apologies to viewers with a slow internet connection - this photo may take a while to download - it's HUGE. But if you wait for it I think you will enjoy.


Dave Harris said...

Wow! That's some panorama!

Dean said...

That IS super-kool ! A regular 'study' in detail.
Something around 180 degrees would be my guess. Anyway to make it a full 360? My computer took a minute and a half to download.

It would be cool if you had the Coho Ferry in somewhere, perhaps entering from the outer harbour,and/or a floatplane landing. Guess it would mean returning to the same shoot-location.
Thanks for sharing Benjamin.

Angela Robak said...

We moved from Victoria a year ago now, and it's comforting to see that some things just never really change. Great job!!

Suzanne said...

You really know how to use that lens.

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Good work. Keep it up.
Thanks for sharing.

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