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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mushroom Season

mushrooms, Delta Ocean Pointe Resort, Victoria, BC, CanadaThis is one of those photos that I post just because I like it, without any good reason. I think with this one it's maybe because of the juxtaposition of the palm trees and the mushrooms, which seems a little unusual. Whatever the reason, I like this photo taken from the lawn of the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort near Songhees Point and I hope you do too.


ms toast burner said...

I suspect that you risked serious Canada Goose dropping muckiness for this photo, and I for one am thankful! Tis a cool photo.

Benjamin; extreme photographer! ;-)

DM said...

I really love the angle to which you shot this photo at. I really love the colors as well.

Kim said...

How lovely! I like seeing the green grass and that blue sky, as well as the familiar buildings across at the inner harbor. The reds and pinks of the flowers give the scene a nice accent.

Charlestonjoan said...

Love the mushrooms and the blue sky.