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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stealing Home

For me baseball season ended a few days ago when my granddaughter's team played their last game. For those of you not familiar with baseball, I would describe it as a fairly boring game with long periods of inactivity punctuated by brief bursts of exciting action. One of those brief bursts of action is when a player steals a base, especially if the player steals home base, which means they score a run or goal. Naturally, the opposing team attempts to foil this ploy and a player attempting to steal home may risk losing all the bases gained so far should he or she be tagged with the ball before reaching the home plate. Thus there is some risk attached. The following sequence of photos shows my granddaughter stealing home. In the first photo below she is clearly in doubt as to whether it is safe to try to steal home.In the next photo below she has decided to risk a few steps but is not committed to base-stealing yet.

3. Intense indecision!4. Decision to go for it!
5. Determination!6. Opposing pitcher coming in from the right
7. Slide looks inevitable!8. Begin slide

9. Slide and sneak that foot around and onto the plate
10. Success!


USelaine said...

Yay granddaughter! Good job!

raf said...

A victorious steal in Victoria and a superb photo series, Benjamin!