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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Causeway Artist #2 - Dwight Hill

Stroll a few yards down along the Inner Harbour Causeway from where Dean Lewis draws caricatures and you will get a chance to meet Dwight Hill, woodcarver and recycler extraordinaire.As a person who can cause wood to splinter and crack by simply picking it up, I am especially appreciative of the delicate and detailed works of art that Dwight creates. Another admirable aspect of his work is that his raw material is recycled oak from discarded pallets.


(I am going on a short trip into the interior of British Columbia for the next week. Thanks to the blogger scheduling capability there will continue to be a new post from me each day. However, I may not be able to answer comments or emails until I return home.)


Debbie Courson Smith said...

That's pallet art? Wowza! And I like his hat

Jilly said...

Super portrait. Really makes you think about this person.