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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Summer Vacation II

Cultus Lake was our first overnight stop. Here it is in the peaceful evening when all the kids who throng the beach in the daytime have been exhausted and sunburnt to a turn and are fading into a sleep punctuated only by the occasional echoing whistle of loons on the lake.Cabins on the right and beach on the left, with swimming and boating areas carefully marked out.

In addition to a beautiful lake in a mountain setting this park also contains a waterpark where we planned to allow the children to delightedly scream themselves into exhaustion. I was inveigled into one slide/ride called the "Colossal Canyon" which involved riding in a raft down a series of precipices while being drenched and endangered. I survived and everyone else enjoyed. I declined to experience the "Valley of Fear." I have to admit that the water park was fun, but I was also happy to see that Cultus Lake still has places where a kid can just jump into the river.--->Next stop: Similkameen River and Bromley Rock

1 comment:

nobu said...

The water prak seems really fun.
Here in Funabashi,It is so hot.
I want to jump into the river like the kid.